Hello, I hope this great idea finds you well. Recently, I did some consulting with a landscaping company. They are a very well-run, small company, and a market leader to boot. They do many things very, very well and, by all accounts, you’d think they weren’t missing a thing. However, during the course of my visit, I discovered a few things that they could improve upon that would make a big difference. As is usually the case with my consulting, I often find sales opportunities that the management team did not think of. And this was the case here.

Here’s an e-mail I got from one of the sales professionals after I left:

Hi Marty, Just had to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed talking this morning. I only wish we could have spent more time together. After you left I took a drive down the Point and ran into the guy who lives next door to Margo (where Jessie is working) and he wondered what we were doing and how much does it cost. I told him it depends on many factors, but if he would like, we would be more than happy to stop next week and discuss what we could do for him. He said, “Yes, please do that.” Then at the stop sign, the guy with the Tootsie Rolls was an old lawn account of ours, we chatted for a minute, I told him we are in the lawn maintenance again. He said he would have to remember that for next year. I told him I would see him next week. You’re right, the maintenance work is there. We knew that, but we were just going about it the wrong way. When I got back, I sat down with my Tootsie Roll and opened up one of my “Mac” books and right there it was…“It’s Easier For Companies To Come Up With New Ideas Than To Let Go Of Old Ones.” – Peter Drucker. With that said, Thanks a million for all you do for our Team!

I love the honesty in the e-mail and I love the fact that he went out and did what I suggested, which was to tell the world about their maintenance work and their services.

Last week my coach asked me why I didn’t send my “Great Idea” e-mail to my Grunder Landscaping clients. He said I should do that and add some education about landscaping and he thinks it would go over well. He thinks I would sell more landscaping using this tactic. Well, I didn’t mess around; I already have that started. And yes, I was ignorant for never looking at this. To be honest, I feel stupid for not thinking of this. Oh well, Marty doesn’t have it all figured out, does he?

Here’s my point: none of us have all the answers. When we think we have it “all figured out,” it’s time to quit. I don’t have it all figured out; none of us do. So, the question becomes: what are you overlooking? When is the last time you had someone put a critical eye on your business? Do you ask your clients and your team for suggestions? And most of all: are you willing to listen? If you are, success will find you.

I am strongly considering a private one-day sales/marketing meeting for a select few clients in Dayton, Ohio. If there is enough interest, we’ll do it. It is limited to approximately 30 people and it is going to cost $495 bucks. There will be a VIP option, for an additional charge, that entails a quick tour of Grunder Landscaping the day before and dinner at my house, where we will be able to spend time talking about your business and answering your questions. If you are interested in attending, it will be Tuesday, December 7th (VIP on December 6th), and it will cover sales strategies and sale management for Landscapers as well as marketing. Everyone that attends will leave with a marketing plan for their company. If you are interested in being invited to this, please contact us. First-come, first-served.

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