School is about to start and many of you who follow me here either have children or grandchildren. My great idea this week is to take an afternoon off before they go back to school and do something with them. Walt Peter has been on our team at Grunder Landscaping for 20 years; I watched his kids grow up. And I watched as every August he took a day off to be with his two sons, Adam and Aaron. That always impressed me. So, to Walt, thanks for the idea.

It doesn’t have to be much. It can be an afternoon at the pool, some time at the arcade, a canoe trip, a baseball game, or even just shopping. The point is, do something; you’ll be glad you did and so will your loved ones.

The first 5 people who send me a photo of their afternoon with their loved ones will get an autographed copy of my book! Offer expires August 31, so go do something with the kids/grandkids!

You can still come to Grunder Landscaping this fall. Because of the demand, we’ve added another Grunder Field Trip in October. The last 2011 Field Trip will be October 20-21. Sign up today!

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