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You now have the opportunity to purchase a binder full of the Forms, Procedures, Policies, and Tactics that Grunder Landscaping Co. uses on a daily basis.

Want to know what Forms come in the Forms Kit? Click the following link: Forms Kit -Table of Contents

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Want to know what Forms come in the Forms Kit? Click the following link: Forms Kit -Table of Contents

More than just a Binder. A whole new way to run your business…

From stem to stern, the Forms Kit shows Grunder Landscaping’s entire system. The Forms Kit has everything, from the time the phone rings until the job is done, all the way to the marketing and relationship building that makes sure the phone rings again. The Forms kit is Forms, Procedures, Policies, and Tactics that Grunder Landscaping Co. uses on a daily basis, and it can all be yours.

In addition to the binder you will be mailed upon your purchase of the Forms Kit, you will also receive a link to download a webinar which explains each Form’s use and a folder full of digital copies of most of the Forms in the Forms Kit. We encourage you to edit these copies and use them as your own. Some Forms have not been made available for edits due to their specific Grunder Landscaping language. With these Grunder specific Forms, we encourage you to look at these Forms as inspiration and re-create them using your companies specific language.

“We had a need to make changes and improve office forms at Falling Leaves Lawn Care in Atlanta, GA. Human Resource and sales forms were a big need. I actually considered taking the time to work with our office manager and take the task on myself. I started doing a little research online and searching for ideas. I came across a YouTube video of Marty Grunder advertising his Forms Kit. I wanted to ask questions and basically qualify the product. During our next staff meeting I played the YouTube video for our team at Falling Leaves. At the end of the video I asked our team what they thought. Our office manager immediately asked, ‘how much?’ I replied the price was $529.00… She made a face and commented ‘that’s a rip off, we can do that ourselves’!

Well we purchased the kit about six weeks ago. We had a staff meeting right after the Forms Kit arrived. I immediately started to illustrate for everyone the amount of detail in terms of sales, human resource and also production (huge bonus). With my background and responsibility being on the sales side, I was so excited about the tools and resources at our company’s disposal. The Kit provides detail and useful information to communicate with our clients. One of the biggest takeaways for myself was the prospect qualification form. The form helps save time and leads to better meetings with clients.

At the end of our discussion, everyone wanted to take the book immediately and find out ways to implement the forms to their area of responsibility. Our office manager was quiet (in the beginning) and I was watching to hear what she had to say. Her only comment was, ‘WOW!’ She was very impressed. We are now in the process of updating our Human Resource forms. We are thrilled! We use the book a couple times a week to tailor the forms to our employees, clients and company. I can’t say enough about how valuable this Forms Kit will be for our company organization and growth. I would strongly recommend this for companies that are growing and don’t have time to allocate hundreds of hours to creating maybe one-third of what Mary and his team has created. $529 is a DEAL! Thanks again to Marty and his team at MGI.”

Chris Wagnon – Falling Leaves Lawn Care, Inc.


Note: This is proprietary information and the property of Marty Grunder, Inc. You agree that your purchase of this product is solely for the use of you and your company. You have paid for this product and it is not to be distributed to anyone outside your company who has not properly purchased this information. If it is discovered that you are forwarding this product to others outside your company, you will not be permitted to purchase future products from Marty Grunder, Inc. This purchase is on the honor system and we request that you adhere to the confidentiality of this product. We also DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON THIS PRODUCT.

Due to the proprietary nature of these forms, landscaping companies that compete in the Dayton, Ohio Marketplace will not be allowed to purchase these forms. We must protect the Mother Ship, aka Grunder Landscaping Co. 


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