Show Them You Care

Show Them You Care

Sometimes I find small business owners are frustrated as to why their team seemingly doesn’t “care” about the tasks at hand. We find ourselves wondering why our people don’t seem excited about their work. There are many potential reasons for this. One of which is that you, as the leader of your group, have not slowed down and taken the time to show your team you “care” about them.

In business, our external customer service will never exceed our internal customer service. What I mean is, plain and simple, don’t expect your team to treat your clients like the valuable asset they are, if you don’t treat them like the valuable asset they are to you. This week, here are 3 ideas for you to use to show your people you care.

  1. Call them from your cell phone after hours and leave them a voice mail telling them quickly and specifically how much you appreciate them. It could go something like this,”Hey Dawn, it’s Bill. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the work you did to get the Schauss account. That will be a wonderful project for us to work on and I appreciate what you did. Talk to you tomorrow.”
  2. Take some time this week, and then periodically each month thereafter, to send out a handwritten note to one of your people who has shown some promise. That note might go like this, “Hey Bruce! I’m glad you’ve joined our team and I can tell you are really trying to learn all you can. Our clients like what you’re doing and I’m proud of you. Keep it up.”
  3. This week find out everyone’s birthday and put these dates in your calendar, and then on their birthday, do something for them. Bring them lunch, call them and sing happy birthday, or make a sign for them and hang it in the office. It doesn’t take much.

Success in business is a marathon, not a sprint, and if you want your people to get excited about the vision you have, you have to communicate it to them constantly. But before you get too far, show them you care; be a friend; be someone they want to be around and listen to.

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