Some Ideas to get you some business right now

Some Ideas to get you some business right now

I have heard from a lot of folks who aren’t doing so well right now, but honestly, I hear from more folks who are doing well and at Grunder Landscaping Co., you’d never know gas is $4.00/gallon and the economy is supposedly in the tank. Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you I think things are rosy, but I’m not going to tell you it’s all gloom and doom either.

Things are never as bad as we think they are, nor are they as good; they are somewhere in between. So, this week I ask you, I beg you, I challenge you, to get out of your chair and do some follow up. If you need some business, sitting at your desk isn’t going to do a darn thing, but these three quick ideas will:

  1. Go through all your past proposals and call on those prospects again, offer them a small discount if they go ahead with the project. After all, at one time they wanted to work with you, why not give it another try? When you follow up, good things happen.
  2. Call your best clients and ask them if they need anything. Depending on what line of business you are in, go see them and walk their project or review again what you do and how you help your clients; make sure they understand all the services and products you have to offer. We have a very nice client who just had someone else put in a paver patio for them because they said they did not know we did those. I can either be mad at them for this and push the blame off us or I can be honest and say, “Man, I’ve got some work to do getting my name out.” It’s my fault that client went with someone else; I should have spent more time with them. A 5-minute walk around their property would have most likely gotten me the $15,000 patio. See, even the “guru” makes mistakes!
  3. Finally, take someone to lunch each week that either is a target client of yours or is someone who knows a ton of prospective clients for your business.

These are 3 simple ideas that all of us ought to be doing and none of them cost that much. Remember, one thing is for sure, when you do nothing, expect nothing!

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