Some inspiration for tough times

Some inspiration for tough times

It’s tough right now. I run a small business and I can see it firsthand. Those who play this smart will be just fine. Here are 4 quick tips to help you right now.

1) Take care of your best clients right now. They are the reason you have a business in the first place; don’t neglect them. Spoil them with service; let them know from your actions that you appreciate them.

2) On the other hand, jettison those clients who are difficult to work with and you don’t make money from. You really can’t afford to work with them right now and trust me, you won’t miss them. If you don’t know who your best clients are or who you don’t make money from, then you need to figure that out ASAP.

3) Hustle. Get out there and look for work and look for clients. I have found a lot of people are depressed and sitting around complaining; that doesn’t do a darn thing; get out and get to work. You’ll be surprised what you find.

4) Do some marketing. Send out a postcard, do a newsletter, have an open house. Show your marketplace you are alive and well and keep your name out there. Not only will that help you right now, but it will also help you once the economy picks up!

Gotta run….I’ve got to get to work myself!

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