Special Folks You Should Watch

Special Folks You Should Watch

Hello everyone. I follow a few special folks on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. and I wanted to share them with you this week.

Mark Sanborn. Mark is an incredible thought leader on Leadership. He’s a best-selling author, incredible teacher and speaker and I read all his stuff. Click here to follow him on Twitter. Click here to follow him on Facebook. And here’s his blog, website, etc: (www.marksanborn.com). Follow Mark; you won’t be disappointed.

Joe Calloway is an expert on branding and culture. His best-selling book, Becoming a Category of One is a must read for every small business owner. Follow Joe on Twitter here, Facebook here and here’s his website: (www.joecalloway.com).

Larry Winget makes me think and laugh and we all need to do more of that. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook and here’s his website: (www.larrywinget.com).

And, last but not least, follow Taxi on Twitter. Here’s the link for the website (http://designtaxi.com/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/designtaxi). Incredible fuel for your creativity.

Well, that’s it for this week, talk to you next week.

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