I love that saying; I use it all the time. Some people hear me say it and don’t know what I mean so I thought I’d explain.

There is an incredible amount of work you can sell just by getting back to prospects immediately. So, Speed Kills.

We live in a world where people want instant gratification. Patience is not something many of us have. Someone sends you a text message and if you don’t respond to it within the hour, they call you and say, “Did you get my text?” I’m sure you can relate. If a client or prospect calls you, they expect you to get back to them quickly. Every minute that goes by, that you don’t call them, gives them reasons to pick someone else or just not do anything, due to losing interest.

So, this week, sit down and see how fast you are getting back to your clients and prospects and understand that the faster you can get back to them, the better your chances are for making the sale. It’s as simple as that. Gotta go; a prospect is on the other line right now and I am the top salesman at Grunder Landscaping Company. Why am I the top salesman? Speed Kills, baby!

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