At Grunder Landscaping Co. we do not have to look at the calendar to see when spring is here. We begin early so we are prepared and when March 20th gets here, we are ready to spring forward and serve our clients the best way we can. This week’s great idea focuses on setting very clear expectations for our team. I wanted to share it with you in hopes of helping you.

To be prepared, on Tuesday, March 9th, we will have our company orientation. It will be a half day event. This great idea will outline our orientation process. If you don’t have an orientation at your company, you should consider scheduling one. It doesn’t have to be fancy or a big deal, but it’s a way to make sure everyone is on the same page at your company. And it reduces the surprises. Remember, I have talked about our signs at Grunder with the words “No Surprises.”

Over the years the orientation has developed into a more structured and organized process. Here are the key points of our orientation. We want to make sure that we cover everything a new team member might have questions about.

1. Intro by Marty – Discussion our Vision, Mission, and Core Values. (It all starts here, folks, if you don’t get this right, the rest is impossible.)
2. Sales
3. Administration
   a. Front office
   b. Time off
4. Walt, Production Manager, Lance, Senior Team Leader, Joe, Fleet & Facilities Manager
   a. PowerPoint presentation with job site photos, before & after
   b. Grunder procedures
     i. Uniforms
     ii. Safety first
     iii. Start time
     iv. Weather Delay
     v. Parking
     vi. Snacks
     vii. Time Clock
     viii. Check board for team assignment
     ix. Trucks
     x. Job site behavior
     xi. Lunch
     xii. Evenings
     xiii. Mechanical
     xiv. Workmanship
     xv. Benefits
5. Paul, Vice President of Operations
   a. Closing

The current team members are dressed in their regular Grunder uniforms to show the new team members how they should look.

We also have a presentation about our drug free workplace program. Being a part of a drug free program has definitely cut down on the number of unqualified applicants. Every team member in the company is subject to the random drug screens, not just our CDL drivers.

After the formal orientation, the team members break into groups and tour the outside facilities to reinforce some of the information just presented to them.

The orientation ends with lunch for all.

We try to cover all our expectations for the team members. How can you make this work for your company? How can you make sure that the members of your team know your company rules and their role as a team member of your company? Can you use an orientation to reduce the time answering the same questions time after time? And can you use it to reduce hearing any excuses, “I didn’t know.”

Happy spring!

Talk to you next week. I’ll post some photos of our orientation on the MGI Facebook fan page; join right now.

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