Stop Doing List

Stop Doing List

If you’ve followed me, you know I’m addicted to To-Do lists. I do them for all things at work, at home and personally. However, this week, I want to challenge you to get a “not to-do” list. That’s right, a list of things you need to stop doing in 2016.

Those who win at the game of business and life understand the power of focus. The power of focus on the execution of a select few tasks, rather than doing a ton of things marginally well. It is imperative that you decide what you’re not going to do to improve your effectiveness.

Here’s what I have learned from my mentors and from studying other very successful people. They all work on the things that have the biggest payoff and don’t do the things that don’t pay off, no matter if they like them or not. At some point they have a revelation that they’re not going to do a lot of things, even if they do like doing them, because they don’t have a payoff. You can’t create more time in a day unless you take some things off your plate. So this week, go ahead and take some things off your plate. Put together a “not-to-do” list and find an hour? Or 5 hours?  Or a week? You’ll find more time and more happiness if you do.

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