How many hundreds if not billions of dollars has McDonald’s made asking you if you want something in addition to what you’ve ordered?

This week I want to remind you about the power of suggestive selling. Remember, if you’re a professional, you always show the client or prospect what’s possible. And I do mean always. Here are several examples for inspiration for you.

• If you sell pest control, how about suggesting you not only treat for termites, but you also suggest you do some perimeter pest control and mosquito spraying?

• If you sell kitchen remodeling and new cabinets, what about suggesting you do some garage storage cabinets as well?

• If you are a professional speaker, why not suggest a follow-up webinar with your speech?

• If you sell landscaping, why not suggest a maintenance program to take care of the new landscape?

• If you own a restaurant, don’t just sell your customers dinner, offer them dessert and remind them of your gift certificates at the time they pay the bill.

I literally could go on for hours. We all need to show our clients and prospects what’s possible. Don’t be pushy or annoying, just make the suggestion. If you learn how to do this right, your clients, prospects, and your wallet will appreciate it.

Talk to you next week.

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