Offer Your Undivided Attention

Everywhere you go and everywhere you look these days, you see people transfixed by their cell phones. You go to pay for new running shoes and you have to wait for the young woman at the register to finish texting before she’ll ring you up. You’re sitting in a restaurant wondering why your order is…

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Here are a few quick tips to help you with managing your time… 1) Do a To-Do List for the next day the night before, 2) Delegate simple items that others can do; focus on what you do best, 3) Take an hour each week and sit in a quiet place with a blank sheet of paper and think about what you need to do……

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You need to be smart about your time and how you spend it. Spend the most face-to-face time with your biggest and best clients and with the prospects you have the best shot at doing a lot of business with. Think about where you get the biggest returns.…

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