Many of us Landscapers are busy beyond belief right now. So busy we aren’t slowing down to make sure our clients are happy. I am here to remind you, beg you, plead with you to contact them and make sure they are happy with you.

Smart entrepreneurs know if you make a client happy, you keep a client. If you keep clients, your business will grow because your clients trust you. If they trust you, a relationship can be developed and nothing is more powerful than doing business with someone or a company that one knows, likes, and trusts.

So, this week call your clients and make sure they are happy with your recently completed projects/services. And then, by all means, put a system in place to do this ALL THE TIME, not just now because your “smarty pants expert landscaper coach” told you to!

By the way, thanks for the all the birthday wishes many of you sent. I was overwhelmed by all of those…incredible…so many I could not even get back to everyone. You made turning 44 enjoyable, not depressing.

See you soon….at the Selling Symposium, I hope!

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