Talk to Your Clients

Talk to Your Clients

Here’s a great marketing idea. In the next two weeks, talk with at
least 20 of your clients, either on the phone, via e-mail, or in
person. Ask them this question, “Why do you choose to work with our
company?” Once you find that out, see what you learn from it and see if
there is not some marketing you can do that focuses on that.

For example, let’s say you talk to 3 clients in a particular
neighborhood that tell you they do business with you because their
neighbor started using you and they assumed you must be good. Upon
further review, you only have 5 clients in this neighborhood and you
should have 35. Ask those happy clients if they would help you gain
more market share by writing a letter on your behalf and sending it to
the neighbors in return for some discounted services.

Or, if you own a restaurant and your clients tell you they come to your
place because they love the atmosphere and the desserts, I would say
you need to make sure you are always putting out new, creative desserts
and market that accordingly.

Ask your clients why they do business with you and do more of that and
you are more than likely to find success.

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