The auto executives go to Washington

The auto executives go to Washington

“If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 mpg.”

Bill Gates

Well said, Mr. Gates.

Recently, you certainly heard that the 3 major automobile industry executives flew to Washington, DC, on their private jets. What seems so obvious to most of us entrepreneurs is hard to grasp by folks who are seemingly much smarter than any of us. And that is, how can you expect anyone to feel sorry for you when you aren’t hurting yourself? In other words, we will never buy into what you’re doing or what you claim to need until we see you giving up something significant.

These 3 men had a chance to make a point by either driving one of their most fuel efficient cars to DC themselves or flying commercially. What a shame — had one of them done something as simple as that, they would have been talked about for years!

Our world has changed forever and in due time, this economic turmoil might be good for us. People will have to be more efficient and use resources more wisely and probably form some good habits in the process. I know it might be hard to see and understand that now.

Learn from what these executives did and did not do and apply the lesson to how you lead your people. I often like to say, “I see better than I hear.”

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