The Dos and Don’ts of E-mail

The Dos and Don’ts of E-mail

I am amazed at what our culture uses e-mail for today. We use it for all types of good things, like keeping in touch in family, following up with clients, and even helping get important information out quickly. However, we also use it to create a lot of problems. This week I want to share my dos and don’ts.


Keep your e-mail brief and to the point; remember, e-mail was meant to save time, not waste it.

Put a subject in the heading. That will make it easy to find it later as well as give the reader a heads up if it’s urgent or not.

Have your business phone number and website down in your signature line. If you are trying to sell something, make yourself easy to get hold of.

Be careful about what you are saying; remember e-mails can be forwarded quickly and they never go away.


Never use e-mail as a form of discipline or to deliver very tough news. A buddy of mine found out via e-mail a year ago his job was being eliminated; now there’s some classy managing, eh?

Send out e-mails to your whole list with all the recipients’ addresses available so others can see and then get it. The local minor league baseball team sent out an e-mail to every season ticket holder with all the addresses there for us to see. I consequently got a bunch of stuff from others I had no desire in hearing from and my e-mail’s privacy was compromised. Needless to say, I complained.

Hit reply to all if all on the list don’t need to hear your comments. That one really makes me mad. I’m busy, I don’t need an e-mail from someone in a group that says, “Ok” or “thanks.”

Hope these ideas help.

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