We’re in the final stretch of the year…it’s the 4th quarter and, for many small businesses, your year still has a lot of opportunity left in it. My message this week is to remind you there is a lot of time left in 2011 and now is the time to keep your head down and stay focused on your work. Here are three things we should all be doing in the next few months. (I do know if we do NOTHING, we can expect NOTHING!)

  • Making sure we contact all our best clients. Many times just checking in with them can lead to a sale. For landscapers this could mean asking if you could come by and walk their property with them. For retail operations it could mean making some phone calls and reminding your clients of some new products or offerings you now have. For professional speakers it could mean mailing some postcards or just calling every entity you’ve done business with in the last 5 years and ask them if you can help them with anything.
  • Not losing sight of client satisfaction. In many ways, we are only as good as the last transaction we made. The best way to sell another job or get a new client is to treat the current one well. Happy clients will tell others…and so will unhappy clients. Furthermore, no matter what time of year, you should be focusing on making the client happy. Call your past clients and make sure they are still happy. Not many companies do this anymore; when you do, you impress and improve your chances for the next sale.
  • Marketing. Don’t stop getting your name out there. There are many effective ways to get your name out there. Postcards, newsletters, signage on trucks and jobs and door hangers continue to pay dividends for me. And if I enter the product or service you offer and your city name in a search engine (i.e., Landscaping, Cleveland, Ohio) and your company website doesn’t come up on the first page, then you need to fix that.

It’s time to finish strong; keep your head down and work hard. Think about how you’ll feel at the end of the year knowing you did everything you could to try and finish on a “high note.”

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