The Upcoming Spring

The Upcoming Spring

As you may know, I live in Ohio and we’ve had a long, cold, wet, and snowy winter, and I’m sick of it. I cannot recall a spring that I have anticipated more than I have this upcoming one. This week, why don’t you think about a way you could get your team excited for spring? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Have a cookout and make some milkshakes for your team, pretend it’s warm outside, and tell everyone how much you appreciate their efforts and their spirit and how much you’re counting on them this year. Talk about some of the good things going on, but be specific and recognize your people by their name.
  2. Shut the office down at 2 and rent out a movie theatre and show a motivational movie to them. There are tons to pick from, or even just watch a new release with your team. The point of doing this is to just take some time to get them out of the office and build morale and have them think, “You know, this is a great place to work.”
  3. Tell everyone that there is a mandatory meeting next Friday and you want them in at 7:00 am. When your team arrives, they’ll be treated to a made-to-order breakfast – omelets, bacon, bagels – the works. Stand up and tell your team you love them and are looking forward to making 2008 your best year ever.

Look, every paper and newscast in America has some negative news on a daily basis. And since none of us can control the economy, the weather or much more, do your part to show things are good at your place, and show them by your actions that you are a winner. You have a lot better chance of winning if you think you can win!

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