Think Positively!

Think Positively!

This week’s Great Idea comes all the way from China.As you may or may not know, my book The 9 Super Simple Steps to Entrepreneurial Success is printed in three languages; one of them is Chinese. Over a year ago, I received a very uplifting message from Qiqi, a young Chinese student who bought my book and told me about his entrepreneurial aspirations.

I am pleased to report that Qiqi and his friend Hige are close to launching a magazine. The magazine is geared towards college students and is about restaurants, and their plan is for the restaurants to sponsor the magazine. They plan on donating all the profits to help those in China affected by the earthquakes. I wish them nothing but good luck.

My great idea for the week is to keep on pushing, keep on trying. Here are two young, Chinese students who don’t speak English very well, trying to get ahead, talking with me on the other side of the world via the internet! It is people with the spirit of Qiqi and Hige that make our world a great place. If these two can think positively, why can’t all of us do the same? If you pick up the paper or listen to the news, there’s not a lot to get excited about. My friend Greg tells me he’s fine as long as he doesn’t watch or listen to the news. I hate to agree with this, but I think he’s right.Get up early, get something done, think positively, and find an opportunity. Don’t just sit tight and wait for the sky to fall; be like Qiqi and Hige and try something! If you do nothing, you can expect to get nothing.

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