You’re going to take a vacation this year, aren’t you?

It is very important to take time off. You need to get away from work and recharge the batteries. No one can stay fully engaged at work forever.

I used to think I couldn’t take a vacation. I thought I just needed to keep working harder and harder—I was wrong.

A couple of weeks ago, we went on our annual Tent Camping Trip with my wife’s family in Indiana.

The Grunder Family on a camping trip

My family on this year's Camping Trip (from left to right) Grant, Lily, Emily, my wife Lisa, Katie & me

We had a blast. I didn’t shave, shower, watch TV, surf the web, or sit in the air conditioning. I hung out with my kids, watched them play, talked with my wife and her family, and slept in a tent with all of them. It was great; I came back refreshed and with a mind cleared out ready to work. It was so much fun; I want to work really hard and make some money, so I can do more vacations.

By the way, this annual event is a very affordable event and proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun. Besides, I firmly believe your family will never remember how much money you spent on them but they will remember how much time you spent with them.

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