1) Mark Sanborn’s The Fred Factor. There is not a better book written on the subject of passion in the workplace. The book is an easy read and one you should read with your whole management team. There’s a reason that it’s an international best seller! My best students know I follow Mark religiously and have even had him speak at one of my Boot Camps. Expect to see him again; he’s had an enormous influence on my business! Buy it by clicking here.

2) Joe Calloway’s Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison. Calloway makes the point in this best-selling book that you have to be different to be successful in business. All small business owners need to read this book and come to GROW! 2011 to meet Joe and see him speak. I read his book several years ago and searched him out to help me and, man, has he ever helped me! Buy the book by clicking here; better yet, come see Joe live and in person.

3) William H. Matthews Ph.D., Don’t Step in the Entremanure! This is a little, simple book but it’s a dandy. If you’re looking for a book that will help you systematize and organize your business, this is the book for you. I subscribe to the theory that all planning is good. This book proves it. At my urging Dr. Matthews has worked with a countless number of my clients and he has helped me for the past 11 years. Get his book by clicking here.

Three books that you need to buy and inhale and read again. They helped me. I hope that’s enough reason for you to just go buy all three books today. I know you’ll see why I love the books as soon as you read them.

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