At our upcoming GROW! 2012 conference, we’re going to focus on the 3 most important things we feel entrepreneurs need to work on right now. They are as follows:

  • Get More Sales
  • Finding the Right People
  • Being More Efficient

Let’s talk briefly about each one.

Get More Sales. Sales are to a company what gasoline is to a car. You must have sales to move an entity forward. So the question becomes: how do I do that? One quick idea would be to call on your current clients, the folks who have helped you get your business where it is today and see if all their needs have been fulfilled. Chances are they have not. And, please, don’t laugh at the simplicity of this idea. I’m going to bet you my 401K, every single person reading this Great Idea, including me, could improve in this area. Call and/or visit your clients and make certain you have exhausted all opportunities for sales with them before chasing after other prospects.

Finding the Right People. We all can find people. But can you find the “RIGHT” people? That’s the challenge. Finding the right people starts with having a profile of what you are looking for. Look at your current workforce. Your best people. Where do they live? Why do you like them? What are their hobbies? And so on. Get as much insight as you can so that you are able to paint a picture of what traits all future hires could or should possess. You cannot be successful in hiring without having a clear target of what you are looking for.

Being More Efficient. Man, I could talk for days on this topic. I think companies are so busy at times finding new work they lose focus on doing the work they have the best possible way. Here’s one simple idea. Get your people together for a brainstorming session. Ask them to come to a 30-minute meeting next week with any idea that can be implemented immediately that will save the company less than $50. Tell them if they can find 10 ideas that immediately save the company $50 each, you’ll buy everyone pizzas when the items have been accomplished. The logic here is to gain some momentum. I think it’s hard to go after big things until you have covered the small things, the low-hanging fruit.

If you liked these 3 ideas, wait till you see what we do and share with you at GROW! 2012. My teachers, Matt Caruso, Joe Calloway, and Larry Winget, are not the type of talent you see at your average seminar. Most of those are full of infomercials and people who haven’t had success themselves, yet think they can teach others. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not listen to a college professor who has never run a business in their life tell me what I should do with my business and hence my money. That’s advice and everyone has advice. What we all need is the voice of experience and that’s what GROW! 2012 is.

Sign up for GROW! 2012 today before we have a complete sellout!

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