Hello, this week’s great idea comes from an article I recently read in The Wall Street Journal on Toyota. Please click here and read it; it is very interesting to me. The attitudes of the folks that work for Toyota seem to be superior to that of the Detroit-based groups. Read the last line of the article; no sense of entitlement there.

As you read this article, think about ways you could get your team to understand the big picture. Think of ways you could show your people that success is a marathon, not a sprint. I’m not saying we can simply afford to have all our people on the payroll whether we have work or not; I’m simply saying that the businesses that win are those that have a plan and work that plan. And when we train our people, the return on investment is excellent. Toyota is way too smart to have people sitting around doing nothing; they use the time to get better and while they fall back financially doing this for the short term, their finishing kick puts them first!

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