I’m amazed at how many inquiries I get about my truck so I thought I’d send out an update. Here’s a photo of the dashboard last week.

We’re over 253,081 now, on my way to 300K. I’m not sure I’m going to get there but I am trying. I might be giving this truck to a family member as we need to buy another car and Dad might get a new one; I’m just not sure yet. I really don’t want to give this one up yet.

I have kept the truck for two reasons: it’s been very dependable and business hasn’t been that good in the last couple of years. Oh, we’re making it but when I’m yelling at all my people to save money and cut back, I just didn’t feel comfortable pulling up in a new truck. I think it sends a bad message. The lesson being—people see better than they hear. They learn from what you do, not from what you say.

What do you do to influence others? If your organization is not doing what you feel it should be doing, there’s only one person to blame and that’s YOU! And until you accept responsibility for that, you’re never going to improve.

It might be time to get a new truck. Ten years is a long time to have a truck. There is a smaller one out there that gets better mileage and won’t break down on some of the trips I take to speak and work with other entrepreneurs. (Also, I feel good about putting another new driver in a big, slow SUV that is safe!) Maybe in some small way I have done the right thing and helped others at my company understand that I am trying to help out and maybe some of you who follow me via this Great Idea learned something too!

Please share your thoughts below on what you have done or are doing to get your people to see—not hear—what’s important.


  1. Peter Wimberg Reply

    I leave my truck parked in my driveway and commute by bicycle on days that I know I’ll be in the office or just making some local stops like the bank. I’m saving a little gas by commuting those 40-60 miles per week and hopefully inspiring my staff to be fit. I also have an office desk that belonged to my grandfather. Those old SteelCase will last forever.

  2. Keven C. Reply

    Thanks alot! I am co-owner in my company, and had my truck for 7 years and 9 months before getting a new one. In fact, 2 trucks were purchased for 2 routes before I got a new one. It had 243,000 miles on it, and we kept it in the company. Nobody has had a truck longer.

  3. Mike Grace Reply


    I noticed you have a Toyota Sequoia. I have a 1999 Landcruiser with just a few more miles then you and my truck is driving and running like new. I too have not gotten a new vehicle for the very same reasons. We are doing everything we can to squeeze all the life possible out of all our equipment and to stay competitive in out market. As you said, our team members see better then they hear. Anyway, why move on to a new truck if the one you got is still in top fiddle. Fortunately, we are blessed with a top mechanic that can do almost anything it takes to keep our vehicles and equipment going.

    Here is a tip from what our mechanic has done for us recently. He discovered a source for barely used tires and asked to get a tire changer and balance machines. We expect to now save over $1,000 per month. Team members like him is what has enabled us to still be here.
    Mike Grace

  4. Andrew Turnbull Reply

    I needed a new fleet truck but decided to find a used one for my worker. I am still driving my 1998 F-150 with only 176000 on it. It has become an old friend. Two of my kids have thrown up in it over the years. Kind of sentimental. Besides, I don’t want to pass down a vehicle that old. Still runs, rides, and drives great. Andrew

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