Trust Me

Trust Me

Most who receive this weekly Great Idea are either Entrepreneurs or work with Entrepreneurs. This week I want to share a fabulous article from the MIT Sloan Review:

This is one of the better articles I have shared with you in the last year. It is full of all kinds of great points, many very simple, but very practical, which is exactly how I like them. Let me know your thoughts below.

Talk to you next week.

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  1. Jeanne Porter Reply

    Hi Marty,
    The article was great! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your newsletters. You are a dynamite individual! Wishing you the best always!!

    Jeanne Porter
    Women in Business Networking

  2. Walter Cornett Reply

    I recently explored the option of borrowing to finance a faster expansion and found that an even bigger problem. Our industry is competitive and margins are slim and paying interest can eat up what little profits we have.

    Our company has decided to grow a little slower and either pay cash or finance only those items that we can do so at 5% or less.

    Interested to see what feedback I get on this.

  3. Marty Grunder Reply

    Some good thoughts Walter. Its all about ROI, we just added another service because we are certain the margin we can get on the work provided will make a good payback. I think the riskiest thing you can do right now, is not take any risks. You want to be ready for the recovery, because there is going to be one. You can retreat or sit back adn wait. Warren Buffet said, ‘If you wait to see the Robin, spring is already here.’

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