I know many of you who receive this weekly e-mail sell something, so this week I wanted to give you a tip that might help you sell more successfully. Many times, all that is holding the prospect back from making a decision is trust. From time to time we all worry about doing business with companies we simply don’t know well enough to trust. Trust is something that is built over time, not overnight. Let me share a story with you.

Several years ago I had a prospect who wanted us to do a large amount of landscaping for them; they were new to the area and called us because they received some marketing from us. I had great meetings with the prospect, but the wife, with whom I had been working, was very apprehensive. They had just moved to Dayton, Ohio, from California and had been burned by many contractors there; one got them for over $10,000! Sensing this was an issue, I suggested to her that we would start and complete the project without any deposits or payments and bill her for the entire project when we were done. I asked her to sign a contract. I did happen to know a little bit about them. A client, who had become a close friend, was the husband’s boss, so I was not going into this blindly. Once I told her I did not need any money until we were done, she gladly signed the contract. We got a job for close to $75,000, and we made a client happy, and to this day, I still have a client and a friend.

Sometimes we must remove the risk for the prospect to commit to the sale. I’m not suggesting that you do what I did there; that might be a little too risky and you all know your business and clients way better than I do. I merely suggest that you pay attention to get to the root of the cause of a prospect’s apprehension, and if at all possible, do something out of the ordinary to get them to trust you and to say yes. You never know where this might take you!

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