Update on my Grunder Vehicle

Update on my Grunder Vehicle

Well, I hit 300K on my truck. It was accomplished on a windy 45-degree day in mid-April on I-70, just a few minutes from the Ohio/Indiana border.

(I was taking the photo as I was driving and it was sunny so that’s why it isn’t very clear. Trust me; it really did roll over to 300,000 miles!)

Now, just a few months later, it’s up to 307,961.

Some of you have asked to see what it looks like after 11 years. Here’s a photo taken just last week. Still looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

This is one of our priorities at Grunder Landscaping Co. My fleet mechanic and facilities manager Joe Spatz gets a lot of credit for that. We take pride in the maintenance and appearance of our equipment and vehicles. A lot of time and money is spent on the regular upkeep for the most efficient operation of the equipment as well as the best appearance we can achieve for the vehicles. We expect the sales professionals and group leaders to keep their vehicles relatively clean as this is a large part of our branding. The other trucks and trailers are washed by a service company that comes in every two weeks during the season. They come in the evening after the crews get back or on Sunday so they don’t interfere with the regular schedule.

During the off season, we have team members who are constantly working on the special service to give the equipment the longest life we can expect. The vehicles and trailers are detailed and the necessary body and paint work are planned for winter if the situation allows us to wait until then. We don’t like to take vehicles out of use during the season if we can avoid it.

So how do your vehicles look? Do they present the image you want for your company in your community? Or are you ashamed to have your name on the trucks that you send out? Are they filthy (several steps from the normal everyday dirt we expect)? Is the paint scraped or are the bodies dented or scratched? You have to consider all elements of your branding and your trucks that thousands of people see every day are a huge part of your image. You don’t want to look bad to your clients and prospects. Take a look at your vehicles and see if you need to make some changes.

As for my car, Joe wants me to replace it. My new company vehicle is going to be a…well, you’ll just have to wait and see! I’m not quite ready to turn this one in yet.

PS – We have had a great response to the new Forms Kit. This includes forms and samples from the Grunder Landscaping Co. archives in the areas of sales, human resources and production. If you need to get more organized and set up some forms and record keeping for your company, this is a product that will help you grow your business. If you want more information on operations and our Schedule Board, our Grunder Field Trips are for you. We have limited spots left for this year’s Field Trips in August and September so if you’d like to come to Dayton and learn about how we do business at Grunder Landscaping, sign up today! 

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