What about selling bulbs to your clients?

What about selling bulbs to your clients?

We sell a lot of bulbs to our clients. I think that all of your clients have a spot for some tulips or some daffodils. I know some of the southern climates aren’t conducive to growing these spring flowering bulbs so you’ll need to look at other options.
In the areas where they grow, they are a big seller.

We buy all our bulbs from Schipper & Company, here’s their website: http://www.colorblends.com; contact them and tell them Marty Grunder sent you.

The website has all sorts of tips for you on the subject of planting bulbs. Here are the 3 big ones I can share with you:

  • Do not plant them in wet, poorly-draining soil.
  • Make sure you work up the bed and add organic material; the bulbs will not thrive in poor soil.
  • You must plant most bulbs in the sun so make sure you analyze the site before proceeding.

Thanks, now check out Schipper’s site.

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