What are you spending your time on?

What are you spending your time on?

What are you spending your time on? I sure hope it’s on sales. Without sales your business will undoubtedly struggle. And I know it’s tough out there; no way would I try to tell you it’s not. So, this week I have 3 ideas to help you make some sales.

  1. Find other companies that do business with people you also could do business with. Our landscaping company gets a lot of work from pool builders, remodeling companies, and realtors. We make sure they are on our mailing list and I stay in constant contact with them.
  2. Provide unsolicited proposals for your goods and services. You don’t know if you don’t ask. I have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work to people who didn’t ask for what I proposed. I made a suggestion, got them interested and closed the sale. Think about who you know and what you have that they might be able to use and get to work.
  3. Hustle. Yes, hustle; work hard and fast. The boom that has gone on for many of us in the last 10 years has spoiled us. We’ve gotten lazy and soft. Many of us quit calling on prospects after 5, don’t work weekends, and try to make our clients play by our rules. You may not like it, but that’s not going to work. Just last week I went out and sold a $400 job. I won’t get rich of this one, but it’s a sale and it’s a lot better than nothing. Besides, I think after I work with them on this little job, I can convince them to do the $7,500 patio next year and on that job, I will make some good money.

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