I am a member of an Optimist Club. In their publication was a cute little story about a boy and his report card. Here it is:

A Big Creed Supporter

A 9-year-old boy arrived home from school one day to find his father waiting for him, holding the boy’s report card filled with poor grades. “What do you have to say about this?” the father asked. “Well, Dad,” the boy replied, “you can be proud of me. At least you know I haven’t been cheating.”

Now, that’s optimism!

Courtesy of the Optimist Club of San Fernando
Sylmar, California

As a young student I did get very good grades. As I moved up to high school and then college, school became tough for me. In fact, it wasn’t until my last year at the University of Dayton that I finally figured out how to study and how to learn. My problem was if I wasn’t passionate about the subject, I had a very hard time concentrating on it. Today, I find myself trying to spend most of my time in my strength zone. But there are certain things that I am not very excited about that must be learned and studied. For example, I’m not a huge fan of analyzing financial statements. However, as the owner of a few businesses, I must work on that. So this year I am meeting with one of my board members for an hour each month to go through my statements with him and get better at something I don’t like to do.

How many things do you have in your life that you need to be doing that you don’t like to do?
The list is probably pretty short, but there is a list. This week, think about confronting those weaknesses head on and making some progress. Maybe you don’t like to exercise, not many people do, but we all know we need to learn how, right? Maybe you don’t like to eat at your spouse’s favorite restaurant, but isn’t it time you did that? Maybe you don’t like to write thank you notes, but isn’t it time you did that? Maybe you need to learn more about sales? We can all learn something about that.

We are all better to spend our time on our strengths. But there are certain critical tasks and duties that simply can’t be delegated and you need to do them. I know it and you know it. So what are we waiting for?

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