I am horrible at golf. Fifteen years ago, I was okay. But because golf takes a lot of time and practice to play well (at least for me it does), I gave it up. Don’t feel sorry for me; I have a lot of other hobbies and in the next few years as my kids get older and I need something to do, I might pick it back up. I’m not very good at golf because I don’t play. When I start playing, I’ll get good at golf again.

Life is the same way. If you want to get better at selling, you have to practice. If you want to get better at professional speaking, you have to speak. If you want to improve the relationship you have with your family, you have to spend time with them working on that relationship.

You can’t be frustrated that you aren’t good at something if you aren’t working at it, trying to improve. I promise you, in just about anything in life, if you spend some time on it, work on it, get involved with it, you will improve. The lesson this week is: You can’t be good at things you don’t do often.

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