What do you drive?

What do you drive?

I recently received the following photo and note from Todd Pugh, a mega-successful landscaper and inventor and purveyor of the Mulch Mule. Here’s what Todd reported to me:


Thought you might enjoy my new ride. I picked up the idea from Nanak’s.

Todd Pugh's new Marketing Tool

I am currently averaging 48.5 MPG. I have a little over 3000 miles on the car. I began driving to make a point to the company we are going green as well as we need it to conserve energy. It has been a huge hit with clients and everywhere you go.



Cool car, Todd, and a great marketing idea. Todd is one of those guys that is constantly learning and constantly (and I mean constantly) trying to find new and better ways to run his business. He learned about a successful landscaper in Florida, Nanak’s, that we toured as part of my last ever Boot Camp. Todd does whatever it takes to be successful, but most importantly, he’s a leader in every way, shape, and form. Leaders show what they’re made of more so by what they do than by what they say. You can’t talk about doing the right thing for the environment and drive a Hummer. You can’t talk about customer service and not be good at it yourself. You can’t talk about good communication and not communicate well yourself. I’m sure you get my point.

Todd, good job, talking about being “green” is one thing; being green is another. I wish we would all be more concerned about what we do than about what we say. This week pay attention to what you are doing. Like a mentor of mine often says, “I see better than I hear!”

Oh, yeah, if you’re tired of shoveling mulch out of the back of your truck, check out Todd’s Mulch Mule by clicking here. And, yes, I have one. Remember, leaders show more by what they do than by what they say!

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