What does your company name say about you?

What does your company name say about you?

Recently, my friend and client Mike Pickel changed the name of his company from LawnScapes to Pickel Landscape Group. This was a brave move, suggested by Mike’s coach and consultant—yours truly.

This is Mike and me at a 2011 Field Trip

There are a couple things to learn from this:

  1. Some of the best ideas others suggest to us are ideas that at first pass seem outrageous.
  2. A small business named after the owner has a far easier chance of making an impression than those not named after the founder.

Mike operates his business in a small town where he is very well known. It’s too hard for consumers to remember LawnScapes and remember that the company is Mike’s and call him in a time of need. Now that he’s changed his name, people are going to start saying, “Oh yeah, you’re the landscaper guy.” And with a name like Pickel, it’s silly not to leverage that. Now, your firm may not be named after you and you may be busy and it might just work fine for you. There are issues that will arise from your naming the company after yourself; I don’t have time right here to go into that. But I will tell you this, my experience—not advice, experience—says that naming my company Grunder Landscaping Company was the smartest thing I did. We are very well known here in the Dayton Region and there’s something to be said about that! Millions and millions of dollars in completed landscaping work in the last 29 years is a pretty good indicator it works.

Pickel Landscape Group

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