What have you taken action on?

What have you taken action on?

Okay, this great idea is about action; check out the e-mail we received from Philip here in Ohio on the recommendation to read The Checklist Manifesto.

“I bought the Checklist Manifesto for 9.99 on an iPad. This is some of the best advice I have ever received (or actually have been wise enough to take). Best yet, we can sync custom checklists via Evernote on our teams’ phones…for free. By the end of next week, our goal is to have a few set up – pre and post snow storm lists, etc.”

How about that? Now what you not taken action on? What have you taken action on?

Philip, way to go; you’re going to have a great year using checklists; I can feel it!

Summer is here; it’s time to keep selling, selling, selling.

Have you signed up for my Field Trip yet? These sell out quickly every year; don’t delay; act today.

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