We are in bad economic times, no question. It seems as if things are picking up lately. I’m not sure if that’s just a result of companies replenishing their inventories or what. I’m not an economist and don’t try to be one. However, I do know that even in these times, there are people who are setting records making sales despite all the turmoil and uncertainty. And all of these successful folks have all kinds of ways that enable them to win. There are selling techniques, tricks, new methods, and the like, but one thing is for sure: No one finds success sitting on their posterior waiting for things to get better. They win because they have decided to take action and work to win. They put their mind to it and got to work.

Every day we all have the choice of sitting around waiting for something to happen or we can go make it happen. How about you go out and make it happen starting today? It’s up to you! But don’t do this in the landscaping business in Dayton, Ohio, because I’m months ahead of you and it’s working!

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