What’s Important At Your Company?

What’s Important At Your Company?

What does a clean truck or clean place of business say about your company? Answer: A LOT! One of the silent ways to teach your team what’s important is to keep things clean. A clean office (office here meaning your entire facility) says a lot about what’s important to you and your team. A clean truck also says a lot about what’s important to you and your team.

I ask you: would you get on plane at the airport that was covered in mud and had a dent in the side of it? Would you go to a hospital that was dirty? Have you ever seen a muddy police car? We take for granted that airplanes are clean, hospitals spotless, and police cars shiny. In other businesses, being clean stands out.

A clean vehicle says you are successful, you are professional, and infers you know what you’re doing. The simple acts of cleanliness and organization can attract people to do business with you and they can help you recruit new people as well. After all, where would you rather work  – at the company that has spotless trucks and clean and organized offices or the place that has smashed-up trucks and cars and dirty offices? Everyone wants to work for a winner, especially a clean winner.

This week, look around your business. Are things as clean as they could be? In most cases, it doesn’t cost much to clean up things. It does take discipline, but I’ve never told you succeeding in business was easy.

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