My right hand man at Grunder Landscaping Co. put this little lesson on my desk last week. Please read it:

The Two-Dollar Excuse: “We’re getting killed on price. The market is price-sensitive.” Maybe it is. Often, it isn’t.

At our first meeting with a client, we asked them why that had lost business. Their response-the overwhelming favorite of all businesses to this question-was simple: “We’re losing on price.” We contacted their last twelve prospects who chose a competitor instead to ask a simple question: “What do you expect to pay for this product?” Our client’s price was comfortably in the range they considered good, affordable, and fair. But rejecting our client “because of price” is the easiest excuse-and one of business’s great white lies. Price is often the excuse for why you lost, but rarely the reason. Look deeper.
(Source: The Invisible Touch)

How many times do we all say we lost a job “because of price”? I have said it and you have too. Isn’t it time we question that line of thinking and try to find a way to sell a job no matter what stands in our way? Won’t someone buy from you even if your price is the highest? Sure they will, but only if you give them many reasons to do so and show them the TRUE value you bring to the table.

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