A few weeks ago I was in Auburn, Alabama, with my daughter for a Soccer Camp. What an incredible school and campus that place is. While there I visited with my friend Gary Keever from the Horticulture Department at Auburn University. Here’s a picture of us “hugging” the famous Toomer’s Corner Oaks that were poisoned by a rabid Alabama fan that HATES the Auburn Tigers. Here’s the story if you don’t believe me

Why in the world anyone would take things out on a tree is another story for another day. Here’s my lesson for today. Go someplace you’ve never been and see what you can learn. While at Auburn, Gary took me on a tour of the campus. He explained the history of the place, the types of plants they like to use, and the challenges they have and the challenges he has in teaching horticulture. My degree is in business, but I love plants and to spend several hours with Gary and to listen to him only made me more knowledgeable–knowledge I will make money from someplace, somewhere down the road. I also feel like I have a really good friend in another part of the country that just might sell a speaking engagement for me too!

When you do something, something happens. So to Gary Keever, thank you. You made the 3 days I spent down there while my daughter played soccer, go by quickly. Now if only you can see if I can run out of the tunnel at the Auburn Football Home Opener, I’ll really be happy!

Here are some more photos from my trip.

The famous Toomer’s Oaks that Gary is trying to save. It doesn’t look good and Gary does not think they’re going to make it.

The 6.5 million dollar Women’s Soccer Facility!

Bo Jackson, or a statue of him.

Cam Newton, a legend down there, to say the least

The stadium that fills up for EVERY home game!

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