Where To Find Good Hires…

Where To Find Good Hires…


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I want to share with you this post from our MGI partners, Jim Cali and Jason New, about the benefits of using a professional recruiting firm. When they’re not running ACE groups for us or sharing their insights at MGI learning events, Jim and Jason are finding top talent for green-industry companies around the country through their firm, McFARLIN STANFORD.

Never used a recruiting firm? They make a compelling case below about why you should, and the best part is you don’t get charged until and unless you hire their candidate. To me, that’s a win-win.


Top Five Reasons to Use a Professional Recruiting Firm
Focused on the Green Industry

1. Coaching and guidance in an ever-changing job market.
Today’s job market is more competitive than ever and many companies are left scratching their heads about why they can’t get people in the door like their rivals. With the continuous shifts in trends for salaries and other benefits, professional recruiters keep their fingers on the pulse of the markets they serve and help you establish competitive compensation packages for the positions you need to fill.

2. No cost to begin a search.
If you choose a recruiter like McFarlin Stanford who doesn’t work on retainer, you only pay once your recruiter successfully places a candidate with you. That means you can request to begin a search with zero cost to you until you hire the candidate of your choice.

3. Building bench strength for your team with quality candidates.
Executive recruiters are always interviewing people, whether for current openings, future positions, or confidential opportunities that are not posted. At McFarlin Stanford we’re constantly networking and building bench strength for our clients’ key roles, saving them the time and hassle of dealing with posting jobs, reviewing hundreds of resumes, and interviewing candidates to build and maintain their team.

As a strategic partner, professional recruiters often come across a candidate that would fit well with one of their clients, and even when there is no open position, the recruiter can still present the candidate to you for review. You can rest assured knowing your recruiter is always looking for the right new team member to fit your culture—even when your need is not defined! A good recruiter will anticipate and work to proactively meet your needs.

A good recruiter will also have a rigorous screening process that provides you with more information about potential candidates than you on your own can typically learn in an interview. This knowledge gives you a more rounded perspective of candidates and enables you to better strategize and decide who is a good fit.

4. Accurate, strategic negotiations.

When you look for a professional recruiting firm, find one who will be a strategic partner in negotiations. As part of the screening and interview process, a strategic recruiter will know what kind of compensation and benefit package a candidate will need to join your team. At McFarlin Stanford, we make a point of coaching clients through this process as we know the current market conditions for compensation and commission structures. We’ll help you draft offers that are competitive and deliver the best value to you.

5. Confidential searches for candidates.

Sometimes you see the writing on the wall with a team member and need to find a replacement without the incumbent’s knowledge. A recruiter can step in at this point and confidentially seek out and interview candidates without exposing you. Because recruiters spend much of their time building their networks, they’ll likely already know of a candidate that will fit the position you need to fill.

Want to learn more about the benefits of using a professional recruiter? Call McFARLIN STANFORD at 214.702.1955 or e-mail them at recruiting@McFARLINSTANFORD.com. 

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