Who is your Ideal Client?

Who is your Ideal Client?

We know exactly who it is at Grunder Landscaping Co. And this link from Harvard Business Review reminds all of us of the importance of not only knowing who our ideal client is but also understanding what some of the research says about who’s buying what.

In reading this article it sure gave me a ton of ideas and I bet it will do the same for you. Let’s carry on the discussion below. Post your thoughts.

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  1. Brenden Gitzinger Reply

    I just finished reading a good book that expands on the Boomer marketing subject. It is titled Boomer Consumer by Matthew T. Thornhill and John W. Martin. The basic theme is that marketing to today’s Boomers must be more personalized and that age group marketing in the traditional sense no longer works. It also speaks to the fact that many marketers are missing the boat on marketing to Boomers. Boomers today in many cases resemble 30 year olds in terms of their lifestyles and activity levels, but in most cases they are looking for products that speak to them personally as individuals rather than as an age group.

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