Hello! My Great Idea this week is for you come see me on February 18-20th in Dayton, Ohio, by attending GROW! GROW! 2010 is a very unique, focused learning opportunity for you. We have been confronted with an economy and a business environment similar to nothing most of us have ever seen. You need to have a plan on how to deal with your future. You can’t continue to run by the seat of your pants and just deal with whatever hits you as best as you can.

If you truly believe things can and will get better, then I want to you to spend 3 days with me in Dayton, Ohio, and leave with a sense of purpose and excitement that maybe you have lost. I think it’s easy to be discouraged and sit back and hope things get better. There’s nothing wrong with hoping, as long as you are “doing” in the process. When you sit back and do nothing, nothing is going to happen.

There are all kinds of reasons why you should attend this life-changing event. And I’m sure you have all kinds of reasons why you can’t attend. The world is full of dreamers but there aren’t near as many doers! Be a doer and come see me; we only have room for 100 folks and we do expect to sell this event out in the next 14 days. For around 700 bucks you’ll get a dose of education, inspiration, and motivation that you can’t easily find anywhere else. Remember, I’m an entrepreneur who is living, eating, and breathing this economy right now as I successfully run Grunder Landscaping Company. I know I can help you and I hope you’ll let me. See you in a couple of weeks in warm and sunny Dayton, Ohio. (Okay, so that’s a lie, but the Marriott is warm and toasty and we’ll have plenty of fun.)

Let me help you make 2010 all it could be; let me show you how to do more than survive; let me show you how to thrive!

Click here for more details on GROW!2010

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